Businesses Launch Georgia Prospers to Strengthen State’s Economy Through the Principle of Nondiscrimination

Today, Georgia businesses are standing together to announce the launch of Georgia Prospers, a coalition dedicated to the principle of nondiscrimination as a key to building and maintaining an economically competitive state.GATW2

The coalition is comprised of some of the state’s largest corporations—including the Coca-Cola Company, First Data, Google, and Marriott.

These companies know that treating all Georgians and visitors fairly is crucial to maintaining Georgia’s reputation as one of the best places to do business—and it’s crucial to attracting and retaining the top talent we need to create a vibrant workforce.

Ronnie Chance, a former state Senate majority leader who is heading the coalition, says this effort will help Georgia’s already booming economy ensure longterm success:

“Georgia’s economy is expanding, and with our commitment to an excellent business climate, we are poised for tremendous growth. When Georgia businesses prosper, Georgia families prosper, so we all have a stake in bolstering the image of our state and existing businesses to attract the diverse, skilled workforce that is crucial to future success.”

Dave Stockert, CEO of Post Properties, said Georgia Prospers simply builds on the qualities for which Georgians are already known.

“Part of what makes our business climate so appealing is Southern hospitality,” Stockert said. “Georgia Prospers wants the world to know this is a welcoming state. When people feel welcome, they feel at home and more likely to want to live here, more likely to invest here, more likely to open a business here. Georgia’s hospitality is genuine and isn’t just market-driven, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a market driver.”

“First Data prides itself on being a workplace free from discrimination whether it is based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. We know that it’s the right thing to do and it’s good for business,” said Cindy Armine-Klein, Executive Vice President and leader of UNITY, First Data’s LGBT Employee Resource Group. “As a leading Atlanta-based company, First Data is proud to stand with Georgia Prospers.”

In the coming weeks and months, the roster of Georgia businesses speaking out for non-discrimination will continue to grow. CLICK HERE to see the full list or if your business wants to join the coalition.